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We are a UK brand based in Manchester!

Does it pluck the hair or cut it?

The glowbrow eyebrow trimmer cuts the hair at the lowest point of the hair, meaning no stubble, pain or irritation.

How long does shipping take to the UK?

UK Shipping usually takes 5-7 working days.

Where is my order?

If your order is yet to arrive after 14 days, please contact a member of our team here.

Is it painful to use?

No! Our eyebrow trimmer has been specifically designed to not cause any pain or irritation to the skin.

Can children use it?

Yes! We are happy to say that our eyebrow trimmer can be used on children as it does not damage skin, or cause any irritation / redness.

Does it need batteries?

Yes the glowbrow eyebrow trimmer requires one AAA Battery.

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